Friday, 2 December 2016

Its a long time since i updated my profile picture so...

This is a drawing i did for Lady Dinah on G+

I'm imagining me all dolled up as her pretty confident maid.

She made me see something new in my feminine side.

Oh and here is an earlier version  which i like too:


  1. jo- you look great!
    Your Mistress looks like She has some REAL plans for you, heh heh!!
    sissy hug in panties, ~sara

  2. Lovely self-portrait. That wicked expression on Lady D's face makes me think that she'll be clipping a lead to your collar ring and then things will get quite interesting.

  3. jo- hoping your pink sexy panties aren't in a bunch!
    hugs, sara

  4. I'm still around fear sara. Just dripping (sometimes pouring) my desires and frustrations into other drains right now. Wish we were practicing synchronised curtsies in matching uniforms with crisp white frilly aprons for our dom when she comes home. Sigh.

    Stay well sister


  5. jo- i'm glad to hear back, hugs! :) Please tell me another one of your interests, then? Yes, curtseys and synchronized cleaning would really be a lovely thing for us!
    Wife bought me a bra for Valentine's Day! i was so happy and proud, hon!
    Last night i thought of a humiliating dare game... Wife invites people over for a party. Before they arrive, She hangs clotheslines up in the bedroom -- then instructs you to hang up about 40 of your panties and bras up in the room. No one SHOULD see them.... but, will they? ;)


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